About XOB


XOB provides fighting gear for boxers and MMA fighters. Our story began in 2018, after a huge disappointment related to what was available in the fighting gear market. Since then, our commitment to manufacture quality products and to give great customer service, brought our vision and products to life. We clearly defined our mission and values to support XOB growth. We thought about our customers, our employees, our projects, our ambitions, and it is clearer than ever: Our mission is to be your performance partner in combat or training situations.

For us, boxing goes much further than aesthetic violence and punches, the latter is synonymous with fighting spirit, courage, a sense of tactics and honor and it represents a whole culture. As a manufacturer of combat sports equipment, we owe it to ourselves to restore it to its former glory. The name XOB, a reflection of “BOX,” represents the idea of a fighter doing shadow boxing workout in front of his mirror. It evokes the positive state of mind, the inner strength and commitment of any determine fighter before a fight or during training.

Beyond the brand

The “Beyond the Brand” program consists of helping combat sports enthusiasts from underprivileged backgrounds by providing them with equipment through pre-selected charities. XOB Fighting Gear is committed to providing new or used equipment in good condition to empower participants and enable them to advance in their careers.