Bermane Stiverne is making an explosive, stylish comeback on January 29th!

After losing his belt to Wilder in 2015, Bermane Stiverne will face Trevor Bryan for the prestigious WBA title at the Hollywood Hard Rock casino on January 29th, 2021.

The boxer will make his entrance in fashion, with wardrobe sponsored by XOB Fighting Gear, Envers by Yves Jean Lacasse, and Manik Fashion. Promoting this sponsorship, XOB hopes to counter the nefarious affects of the pandemic on sports boutiques.

Fashion designers Envers by Yves Jean Lacasse and Manik Fashion applaud this initiative which empowers Quebec content-creators who have had to adapt to so many difficult COVID parameters, especially the closure of stores and events.

United, we are a force to be reconned with!

Associated with many hard core, top notch boxers such as Custio Clayton, Patrice Volny, and Sébastien Bouchard, XOB Fighting Gear is proud to partner with top Canadian designers. An ever-evolving company since its creation in 2018, XOB has found much notoriety on Showtime by styling Custio Clayton who fought for the intermediate IBF belt. True to its mission statement, XOB, in partnership with Envers par Yves Jean Lacasse and Manik Fashion, hope to expedite and concretize its goals.

A fashion statement for Noble Artists!

Recently, boxing has experienced a fashion revival, especially since the presence of flamboyant warriors such as Floyd Mayweather and Deontay Wilder. These pioneers have revamped costumes as part of their theatrical personae. Now it’s time for XOB to enter the ring, along with Envers and Manik Fashion . After Stiverne, it will be time for Patrice Volny to don the stylish mantle of these three creative partners, and together we will set the stage for the future of boxing’s legacy! The stage is set for Patrice next…

Source : Manika Gaude