Best Boxing Head Gear, Boxing Groin Protector and Mouth Guard

XOB looks out for you. While in the ring, there is every chance punches will be thrown around your body. You are bound to receive punches and powerful blows from your opponent while boxing. Against all this, you need high-quality safety gear for your boxing and XOB ensures that. At XOB, the safety of the boxer is of top priority. Our wide range of safety gear will safeguard you from fatal blows to your head, groin area and mouth. XOB has the best range of head-safety gear, groin protectors and mouth guards to help you stay safe.

A blow to your unprotected head may be fatal for you. XOB’s top-notch head protecting gear ensures this doesn’t happen and your head stays free of any fatalities. The headgears at XOB give perfect protection to your head without hindering your sight. Our top-tier gear design ensures you stay ahead in your fight. XOB’s headgears are made in such a way that the impacts of the blow you receive are repelled exponentially. It ensures your head is not affected and stays in the right place. Our headgear is made from strong and durable material in par with international standards of protection gears. We design our product with precision and are engineered for long-lasting.

Every boxer must use a groin protector whether while training or sparring. A hit to the groin area may be fatal to your life. Whether you are a general practitioner or a professional, you must keep the groin area safe. Low blows are a common thing in boxing. Everyone must use a groin protector to safeguard your groin and nearby body parts safe from accidental hits during your sessions or matches.

Our groin protection safety gear will safeguard you against the unbearable pain and other injuries you may incur accidentally from a hit. Our groin protectors ensure safety all the while providing versatility to the user. They won’t hinder your free movement during the fight and ensure comfort. Our high-quality protection gear will protect your groin and nearby sensitive area from the hard impact of a blow.

Boxing involves heavy blows or jabs and our face is a key part that gets hit. A head-to-face collision or an elbow-to-mouth hit may be lethal during the fight. It is very essential to have a great quality mouth guard on while sparring or training. XOB’s mouth guards safeguard the fighter against instances of lateral luxation on your mouth. It will protect against fatal blows to the face and prevent injury to the mouth or tooth. Our mouth guards made from durable high-quality material will reduce the impact of blows received and protects the teeth from breaking or any other fracture or damage to the mouth.