Confused about the right gloves for your purpose?

Oct 21 , 2019

Confused about the right gloves for your purpose?

Confused about the right gloves for your purpose? From sparring to martial arts, XOB has got you covered. Winning always require sheer determination combined with the top gear. We, at XOB, are your sole trustworthy source for quality fighting equipment.

Get thriving precision with our great collection of boxing gloves. We provide sparring gloves, bag gloves, kids gloves and even the MMA gloves with international quality. In par with the legendary boxing gloves, our gloves provide a modern appeal. We have an array of products made from quality material that ensure undoubtedly the best performance and never receding strength.

XOB’s boxing gloves ensure their value for every product. They are fast to adjust on your wrists, taking them on and off your wrists won’t be a struggle anymore. We ensure precision and safety and is designed in such a way to prevent damage to the fighter. Our boxing gloves help the user improve their form and technique. The key requirement of boxing gear for every user is the durability and we assure you extended durability of our boxing gloves than any product out there.

Our range of bag gloves serves the purpose, hit the punching bag with precision and power. Made with sheer craftsmanship, these gloves hit the mark on comfort. You can throw your power shot punches with confidence and strength with our bag gloves.

Our bag gloves are made to endure rigorous training and offer long-lasting life. Made under strict quality checking procedures and guidelines, XOB’s collection of top-tier bag gloves will be a valuable asset to your training gear.

Boxing allows your kid to stay active and healthy. Don’t worry about their safety. XOB has the best gear for the fighter in your kids. XOB’s range of kids boxing gloves are a favourite for children. With solid padding, your kids will be kept out of any danger while training. We ensure the safety of your dear ones while in combat and escalate their performance. Our collection comes in different sizes making quality gear available for all your requisites. We make gloves for tomorrow’s champions.

XOB presents a great range of gloves for mixed martial artists. They are tailored to throw heavy punches with power and precision. Our precisely tailored MMA glove guarantees lesser hand fatigue during your fight and provides a better hand and wrist stabilization. Our range of MMA gloves provides stability and control over your methods. They give great comfort and support to the martial artist. XOB is the best choice for MMA fights.