For every boxer, looking fit is as important as staying fit

For every boxer, looking fit is as important as staying fit. XOB presents a wide collection of sports apparel or boxer garments for you to look sharp. We, at XOB, ensure you look competitive in every situation. We have a wide range of apparels tailored to you. We provide a unique collection of t-shirts, sleeveless ring jackets, tank tops, boxing trunks and footwear that gives your appearance an edge over others.

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XOB has the best boxing trunks in line. Choose our fighting trunks and have a bashing performance on and off the ring. Flaunt yourself among your admirers with our trunks in attractive colours and designs. A great collection of comfortable trunks that eases you and helps you fight with confidence.

Add up to your gear with the best, most comfortable footwear that compliments your competent look. Check out our world-class inventory of boxing shoes that fits perfectly for you. They are so lightweight and comfy that you can have agile movements in the ring. XOB’s boxing shoes will help you move with total control over your footwork in the ring. Available in a variety of colours, our line of boxing shoes will complement your apparel. XOB is determined to give the best fighting gear for you.