Hand wraps and Wrist wraps assists the fighter to throw the best punch

Boxing is about power, speed and accuracy. You need the perfect support to throw your best punch and hand and wrist wraps serve the purpose. Every boxer needs a pair of hand wraps and wrist wraps that are durable, comfy and safe. That’s exactly what we assure you. XOB is your ultimate destination for the best protection hand wraps and other accessories.

Hand and wrist wrap assists the fighter to throw the best punch. It helps you to hit the opponent with maximum force and will be less painful for you. XOB’s hand wraps and wrist wraps made with the best material helps the boxer to hit with greater force and accuracy.

Our range of hand wraps and wrist wraps provide breathable comfort and ensure the safety of the arm while training. Our wrist wraps have the perfect closure for the perfect fit on your arms. The high-quality boxing hand wraps designed by XOB effectively supports your joints and protects your hand from injury during the fight. Our material provides stability to the boxer while throwing rapid punches at the opponent. XOB’s wraps keep your hand steady in every hit. Available in different lengths as per your requirements and variety of colours, choose XOB for the best protection.

Every boxer sweats a lot. XOB has a great assemblage of sports bottles to store your drink and keep it handy with you. Our sports bottles will keep your drink cold or warm for the longest period. Designed for durability, they are so lightweight and easy to carry around.  Take a sip and ease your thirst with XOB bottles. The XOB range of sports bottles is indeed a class apart.