At XOB, we believe in the age-old saying "Practice makes perfection"

At XOB, we believe in the age-old saying “Practice makes perfection”. Every successful boxer indulges in a heavy amount of practice and training to master the sport of boxing. Every boxer requires a wide variety of products to polish their techniques such as the speed bags, double-ended bags or the punching mitts for training partners. XOB works hard to provide such practice gear to every admirer of the sport who works hard to be the best.

Every boxer is required to undergo a workout to gain strength and speed. Speed bag training increases cardiovascular fitness and upper body strength. Speed bags are the boxer’s best friend and XOB pledges to provide the boxers with their best companion for training. XOB’s speed bags come with an array of styling and mounting options. Our speed bags assists the boxer to attain a certain rhythm with the bag which will help improve his speed, accuracy and body movement coordination. Made with the user in mind, XOB’s speed bags are made of high-quality material and ensures durability, designed with longevity in mind. Our design made with quality craftsmanship evokes a sense of aesthetics appealing to the user. XOB’s speed bags has a perfectly balanced design.

While speed bags ensure strength, speed and coordination, the wide variety of double-ended bags at XOB help to improve the rhythm, timing and accuracy very essential to the art of boxing. Our double-ended bags give the fighter freedom to experiment throwing different kinds of punches with different combinations. Our double-ended bags are designed for focused strikes. They are designed with such precision to assist the boxer in developing accuracy. They just work like a charm for the boxer in you. Our design is versatile and long-lasting. They are great for practicing your accuracy with faster combinations of punches.

XOB also has a great range of punch mitts for your training partner. They could take a great amount of beating while training. XOB’s punch mitts are made with the best quality material and reduce injury risks at training sessions. Our quality foam padding gives comfort to the boxer and the training partner as well. They are made to endure high power blows and absorb strong punches reducing pain in the arms for the training partner.

The XOB Punching milts serves to improve your punching techniques while training and gain more strength to your arms. Our over-the-top design gives the user the best fit and very precise glove control. The punch mitts by XOB are lightweight for easy movement. XOB’s punching mitts are the best suitable for withstanding any degree of jabs, hooks and uppercuts.