Guardians of Glory: Mitts, Pads & Protectors for Every Fighter

Guardians of Glory: Mitts, Pads & Protectors are the way to succes. When it comes to combat sports, protection and precision go hand in hand. Fighters rely on the right gear to enhance their performance, stay safe, and perfect their techniques. In this article, we delve into the world of mitts, pads, and protectors, essential tools designed to elevate your training and safeguard your journey to excellence.

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Punching Mitts: Speed and Precision Unleashed

Our punching mitts are the embodiment of speed and precision. Crafted with ultra-lightweight, strong, and resistant design, they are tailored to enhance your movements. The high-density foam padding not only protects your wrist joints but also absorbs impact, allowing you to train with confidence. With hand-sewn craftsmanship and a comfortable fit, the sturdy metal buckle mechanism ensures a secure grip, regardless of your hand size. The punching mitt’s palm features breathable holes for maximum comfort, and their durability is unmatched. Manufactured with the highest quality control, these mitts are crafted in premium polyurethane (PU) leather, ensuring that they will withstand the test of time.

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Sparring Leather Headgear: Protection with Clarity

Our sparring leather headgear in white and gold, Original Serie 200, is the epitome of protection with clarity. Adjustable to fit both children and adults, it provides a wide-angle vision while keeping your head safe. Crafted with high-quality foam padding and double stitching couture, it features a chin strap and a lace crown area adjustment for a secure and comfortable fit. Just like all our gear, this headgear is built to last and manufactured with the highest quality control, using 100% genuine cowhide leather.

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Boxing Groin Protector: Ultimate Safety, Maximum Comfort

Safety is paramount in combat sports, and our boxing groin protectors ensure you’re well-protected. These light and comfortable protectors are crafted with high-quality foam padding, covering your groin, kidneys, liver, abdomen, and hips. The easy adjustable closure with lace and an extra-wide rear elastic back waist strap ensure a snug and secure fit. Ideal for both training and competition, these protectors are manufactured with the best quality control in premium polyurethane (PU) leather, making them as durable as they are comfortable.

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Kick Pad: Power Meets Precision

Our kick pad is designed for power and precision. Featuring top-quality riveted and reinforced grips, it boasts a multi-density foam system for superior shock absorption. The long and high-quality hook and loop wrist attachment provide excellent support, making it a valuable asset in your training regimen. Made with Injection Molded Foam (IMF) padding and double stitching couture, these kick pads are built to last. Manufactured with premium 100% genuine cowhide leather, they are guaranteed to stand up to the toughest workouts.

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MMA Shin Guards: Protection in Motion

MMA fighters demand freedom of movement without compromising protection. Our lightweight and handcrafted shin guards offer just that. With a top-quality Hook and Loop enclosure, they are perfect for recreational MMA fighters. The guards are made with Injection Molded Foam (IMF) padding and high-density foam across the shin and instep. Two adjustable elastic straps ensure a perfect fit for the shin, heel, and instep. Just like all our gear, these shin guards are built to last and manufactured with the best quality control in premium polyurethane (PU) leather.

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